Sometimes more real than this reality, sometimes larger than life as in “Mother’s Cupboard.” Locked away are the dolls and the child’s books to be traded for food during a time of war and hunger. In “The Sound” the recurring nightmare is also a strong memory reminiscent of Munch’s the “Scream.” Edvard Munch also experienced a traumatic childhood. In this painting we sense the agony of the child yet we are taken by the bold colors that glow with an intensity and a dynamic sense of expression in the lines and brush strokes.

A recent painting from a memory is “Margarete Priester” Thea’s piano teacher who was hidden in her house in Holland during World War II. This painting is the most expressionistic, the most emotionally and psychically charged. The colors and lines are violent. The artist never dared to paint this painful scene before as she watched her beloved teacher being taken away as the Gestapo held a gun to her head. The dog by the piano appeared during the painting unconsciously guided by the painters brush. Later thought of as Anubus the Egyptian dog that guided the soul to the other side.

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